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Oct 21, 2014 at 5:00 PM
It's a sour note to the St. Louis live music scene. Some say the city has a reputation so bad that traveling musicians are passing us by.
Oct 21, 2014 at 8:57 PM
A medical marijuana dispensary may move into a Metro East neighborhood near a school. Parents say they're upset because there's nothing they can do about it.
Oct 21, 2014 at 7:29 PM
St. Louis County Police are considering 12 hours shifts and reducing days off to have more officers on patrol in an effort to prepare for future rioting.
Oct 21, 2014 at 7:22 PM
Homicide detectives are investigating a murder that took place in the Jeff-Vander-Lou neighborhood in north St. Louis Monday afternoon.
Oct 21, 2014 at 6:59 PM
Logan Gonce is a jack of all trades for St. Charles West. He is a goal scorer for the soccer team, a kicker for the football team and a point scorer for the basketball team.
Oct 21, 2014 at 6:03 PM
Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed said she broke the law in Ferguson Monday night to make a point. She said her civil disobedience was to push a message of peace.
Oct 21, 2014 at 11:10 AM
Gov. Jay Nixon announced Tuesday afternoon the creation of the Ferguson Commission to quell the violence, fear, and lack of trust in the community that has erupted in the 73 days since the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.
Oct 21, 2014 at 9:42 AM
According to Julie Tristan's fabulous nieces!...and some other experts!
Oct 21, 2014 at 9:38 AM
From games to bouncing around!
Oct 21, 2014 at 9:04 PM
The Giants abruptly ended the Royals run of eight consecutive wins this postseason by jumping on starter James Shields early and never looking back.
Oct 21, 2014 at 3:54 PM
We're still a year away from the St. Louis IKEA opening its doors, but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot going on along Interstate 64 and Vandeventer.
Oct 21, 2014 at 7:55 PM
The St. Louis Blues defensemen's niece Ellie was diagnosed with Wilms' tumor, a rare type of kidney cancer that occurs in children, at the end of August. Ellie recently started chemotherapy, causing her hair to fall out.
Oct 21, 2014 at 2:35 PM
Police dash cam shows police holding a woman in at gunpoint after she and her husband were pulled over while speeding to the hospital.
Oct 21, 2014 at 2:28 PM
Convenience store clerk blasts would-be robber in the face with pesticide.
Oct 21, 2014 at 2:25 PM
Young Royals fan battling rare cancer will help others in his situation join him at a World Series game.